15 Legit Ways to Make Money Fast Today If You Really Need Cash

Do you urgently need to make money fast? Finding quick cash doesn’t have to be complicated thanks to the legit ideas I’ll cover. Read on through this post “15 Legit Ways to Make Money Fast Today If You Really Need Cash” for smart tactics anyone can leverage when funds run low and bills pile up.

We’ve all been there – those times when money seems tight and the bills are piling up. You need to make some extra cash, and fast. Finding legitimate ways to get money quickly in a pinch can feel overwhelming.

That’s why I’ve put together this ultimate guide on the 15 best ways to make money fast when you really need it. I’ll show you realistic methods for earning quick cash, whether it’s today, this week, or this month.

These ways of getting fast money may require some effort, but are possible for almost anyone. Read on to learn exactly how to score fast cash legally.

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15 Legit Ways to Make Money Fast Today If You Really Need Cash

Why Making Money Quickly Matters

Before jumping into the different ways to make fast money, let me convince you that learning how is worthwhile…

Making extra money on the side is always smart for padding savings accounts and paying off debt. When cash concerns hit hard or the unexpected strikes, that need becomes dire.

Having go-to options for scoring quick cash prevents struggling through monetary emergencies alone. It empowers providing for yourself or family without depending on credit cards or high-interest loans.

While no legit way to make money in minutes exists without any work, extra cash sources you can tap anytime ultimately give a sense of security. They make recovering from those ugly money situations seem less impossible – because you have access to funds in a time crunch.

Now let’s get to what you came for – easy ways to earn money quickly. Ways to get FREE money  when you need money desperately.   The following legitimate money-making ideas can help you get cash ASAP: 

15 Real Ways to Make Quick Money Legally

1. Get Cash for Old or Broken Electronics

Got old gadgets cluttering up your home? Maybe a laptop with a cracked screen, a drawer of ancient cell phones, or a PS4 that stopped working? These electronics that seem useless to you may mean quick cash using ecoATM kiosks.

Over 3,750 ecoATM recycling kiosks around the U.S. offer cash on the spot for your device trade-ins. Just drop your old phones, tablets, MP3 players, etc into an automated kiosk to receive instant money you can spend however you want.

Payment amounts depend on the gadget’s model and condition. Current quotes for various devices are available on the ecoATM website. Expect anywhere from a few dollars for very outdated tech up to $500+ for newer items like recent iPhone models.

This is an effortless way to declutter and earn at the same time! And having money in hand right when you need it is about as fast as it gets.

2. Drive with Uber or Lyft

Apps like Uber and Lyft can be excellent sources for quick cash by driving passengers around your city. As an independent contractor, you get paid for each ride you provide – and the extra money can really add up!

All you need to earn is a newer 4-door vehicle, valid license/insurance/registration, and pass a basic background check. Download either app on your smartphone and complete their sign-up process.

Then drive whenever it suits your schedule. The more rides you provide, the more money you make! Expect average per hour earnings of $15-$22 for UberX and $17-$25 for Lyft in most areas. Plus, both companies offer special Prime Time and Power Driver Bonus opportunities to drive during busy times for higher pay.

Cash out your ride earnings instantly instead of waiting for the weekly payout. This way the money from driving goes straight to your bank account on demand whenever you need it.

3. Complete Paid Online Surveys

Taking online surveys through GetPaidTo sites is an effortless way to score extra money fast. Share your opinions to help major brands with product research – and earn cash, gift cards, and sometimes free samples in return!

Some top-rated survey panels include:

  • Swagbucks – One of the largest GetPaidTo sites that offers plenty of surveys, but also lets you earn by watching videos, playing games, shopping online, and more. They pay you with cash via PayPal or gift cards. Sign up here.
  • Survey Junkie– An excellent survey-focused panel with tons of daily polls across different topics that pay out via Paypal or gift cards. Takes just 5-10 mins per survey. Join here.
  • MyPoints – Another popular survey and rewards site with reliable payouts. Get cash directly deposited to your bank or redeem points for gift cards. Sign up now.

Most surveys pay $0.50-$5.00 a piece, depending on length/topic. Though individual payouts aren’t huge, consistent participation allows fast earnings. Expect $100+ in a couple weeks of daily survey completion.

4. Sell Your Stuff Online

Everyone has stuff taking up space that could turn into cash instantly. Maybe it’s old books from college, kids’ clothes/toys we’ve outgrown, or housewares that no longer match. Anything gently used is fair game for selling online!

Peer-to-peer apps like Decluttr, thredUP, Poshmark, and 5miles make it incredibly easy to list items using your smartphone. Snap some photos, add descriptions, set a price, and voila – your stuff gets shopped by buyers browsing these digital marketplaces. You pocket 60-80% of each sale amount.

Pro tip: Start by selling things with the highest resell value like electronics, designer brands, video games, instruments, etc. Check estimated pricing on thredUP and Decluttr ahead of listing so you make the most money.

Expect $100+ for just a few in-demand items! As little as 15 minutes snapping photos and entering details yields fast cash potential.

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5. Donate Plasma

Plasma donation centers will actually pay you upfront for your biological donations, making this a unique way to earn quick money with minimal effort.

Organizations like CSL Plasma, Grifols, Biotest, Octapharma, and BioLife have locations across the US. They compensate donors anywhere from $25-$50 per donation, depending fund availability and donation frequency caps in your state. Appointments take about an hour-and-a-half including screening/paperwork and the plasma draw itself.

As long as you meet eligibility requirements like being 18+ years old, 110+ pounds, passing medical screening, etc, you’re good to go! Just be prepared to show proof of valid ID, social security number, and current residence for payment.

Most centers let you donate twice within a 7 day period, so you could pocket $300+ in cash this week by scheduling back-to-back appointments.

6. Offer Handyman Services

Have a knack for basic home repairs or installations that others avoid tackling themselves? Handyman gigs are fantastic ways to use those skills to make great money fast.

Apps like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, and Takl make connecting with clients needing small jobs like TV mounting or furniture assembly simpler than ever. Set your own rates and availability as you choose tasks that work for your skillset and schedule.

Watch for tasks requiring tools/skills like:

  • Minor plumbing fixes like sink/toilet installation
  • Painting walls or cabinets
  • Landscaping like fence building or laying stones
  • Mounting projector screens, lighting fixtures, etc
  • Assembling pre-fab items like cabinetry or furniture

Handymen services fetch $30-60 per hour typically. Thanks to the flexibility of gig job platforms, squeezing in some shorter tasks whenever free time arises is realistic. A few 2-3 hour projects could mean $250+ extra in the bank by weeks’ end.

7. Rent Your Car or Extra Space

Have a vehicle that usually sits in your driveway or empty rooms not being used? Turn that idle space into income fast using car sharing and home rental platforms. Renting out your home or spare bedroom on vacation rental sites is another way to make extra money.

Rent out unused living space

Apps like Airbnb and VRBO let you list extra rooms or full homes to host travelers in your area seeking accommodation alternatives to boring hotels. You set rental terms and rates while keeping 80% or more of the fee!

Expect at least $50-75+ nightly for private room listings and $100-200 for full vacant apartments or houses. Those wanting more involvement can even turn hosting guests into full-time income streams by listing multiple available spaces. However, even occasional forays when you need cash quickly could yield $500+ per month.

Loan your car out when not driving

Similar to home sharing, services like Turo, GetAround and HyreCar enable privately listing your vehicle for public rental when you don’t need it. Renters book timeslots to drive your car via the app at agreed upon hourly ($5-15) or daily ($25-75) pricing.

Vehicle owners earn 60-75% per rental. Expect to pocket an extra $100+ monthly for infrequent 10-15 day loans of a fuel efficient sedan or economy vehicle. Those comfortable with more usage could see thousands per year!

The key to maximizing earnings with both car and home sharing involves premium insurance coverage since potential risks exist. But the cash possibilities and flexibility make these apps worthwhile for quick money needs.

8. Cash in on Sign-Up Bonuses

One of the fastest ways to make money is by taking advantage of lucrative sign-up bonuses from banks, apps, and websites. These companies offer amazing promotions to attract new users that can put hundreds of dollars into your wallet instantly!

For example, some popular options include:

  • Chime Bank– Get $100 for setting up direct deposit. Deposit $200 into the account and get that money in minutes! This is one of the hottest bank deals now to score quick cash.
  • Aspiration– Earn $200 by signing up for an Aspiration sustainable cash management account! Just fund your eco-friendly debit card with $10.
  • Raise– Get $5 and a $5 credit just for downloading this popular gift card reselling app. Buy/sell your first card to get another $5! That’s $15 total in minutes.
  • Rakuten– Install this free browser extension for instant $10 welcome money and % cash back from future online purchases. Sign up here.
  • Dosh– Connect your payment cards for automatic cash back of up to 10% at dining spots, grocery stores, etc. New users get $5 upfront!

The key is stacking multiple of these promotions at once to maximize how much extra money lands in your accounts immediately. Expect to quickly pocket $100-$300+ in fast cash just for opening a few new accounts!

Check bank and website offers weekly since lucrative limited-time bonuses come and go. Snagging several at once results in the fastest cash earning with the least effort.

9. Drive for Food Delivery Services

Driving to deliver food orders with apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, GrubHub, Instacart, etc is hugely popular for earning quick cash these days. It provides ultimate scheduling flexibility to work just a few hours at a time whenever is most convenient.

You simply download any food delivery app, pass a basic background check, and start accepting open orders nearby. Drive to the restaurant, pick up the prepared meal, and deliver to customers. Repeat to your hearts (and wallet’s) content!

Expect average per hour earnings between $15-$25 for food delivery drivers after gas expenses. 

10. Take Paid Online Teaching Gigs

Have special knowledge in topics like English, math, music, programming etc that you’ve taught to others before? Numerous platforms connect private tutors with students wanting convenient virtual lessons and instruction.

Whether coaching basics or advanced material, online teaching taps know-how you already possess to earn solidly. Students appreciate tried and true video call platforms like Skype or Zoom for connecting easier with instructors.

Some top sites to find online students include:

  • Wyzant– Simply create your tutoring profile and list pricing for customized lesson packages based on subject matter and level. Expect to pocket $20-$100+ hourly!
  • Chegg Tutors– Specify your area(s) of expertise, availability, and per minute or hour rates to align with student budgets for better booking potential.
  • Varsity Tutors– Browse assignments, submit proposals, and get hired for paid virtual sessions in your best topics. Pay starts at $25 per hour lesson.

Building your tutoring schedule as time allows can become quite lucrative. Just a handful of hours each week could deliver $500+ more monthly!

11. Take Surveys via Survey Taking Websites

We briefly mentioned paid survey sites before as legitimate make money online opportunities. But survey taking truly deserves extra attention given the effortless earnings potential through quick polls.

Sites like Survey Junkie, Branded Surveys, MyPoints, InboxDollars and more offer totally free registrations to share consumer opinions that brands crave. Data collection companies compensate you $0.50-$5 per survey completed as thanks for your insights.

Individual surveys require just 5-15 minutes typically. So doing several a day provides fast 100-200+ points or cash earnings. Redeeming rewards happens promptly via Paypal, check or gift card options.

Reach cash out minimums faster by taking advantage of referral bonuses when friends sign up via your link to also complete surveys. Expect to earn at least $100 monthly with casual participation. But consistent activity makes monthly $500+ totals reasonable for funding emergencies or splurges!

12. Participate in Focus Groups

Paid focus groups essentially ask that you chat about products and services while giving constructive feedback. Sharing your thoughts in-person or even virtually via video software can make for quick money.

Organizations like Fieldwork, 20|20 Research, Focus Pointe Global, Schlesinger Associates, Blueocean Market Intelligence and more offer regular local and online focus groups across client campaigns. They seek varied demographics depending on a study’s sponsorship, goals and targeted reach.

Expect $50-150 per hour-long session for your opinions alongside any samples or actual products tested. While securing a focus group slot involves clearance through initial screening surveys, high payouts make it worthwhile.

By checking eligibility frequently and saying “yes” when a suitable option arises unexpectedly, you could easily participate in 1-3 focus groups some weeks. That translates to $100-300+ extra cash from just talking through your thoughts openly and honestly each time.

13. Fill Out Paid Medical Studies

Medical research facilities provide well-compensated opportunities to test experimental treatments needing human volunteers. You can browse listings on government-backed sites like ClinicalTrials.gov or directly through nearby study sponsors.

Expect payments starting at $100 per visit plus reimbursements for travel to participate. Studies compensate time and simple efforts like allowing access for physical exams, tests, questionnaires etc involved in data collection.

Although timelines vary widely, many studies last 6 months up to several years in duration with regular check-in assessments. The minimal time commitment paired with lucrative incentives makes entering into a longer trial worthwhile.

Just be aware that some studies aim to test unapproved drugs and treatments so there are risks to consider. Be sure to gather all necessary info upfront before committing. But the potential to earn $1,000s over time from checkups makes paid medical studies a unique money making avenue.

14. Trade Stocks & Cryptocurrencies

Have you considered trying your hand at buying and selling investments like stocks, Forex currencies or cryptocurrencies to grow money faster?

Trading markets feature daily volatility meaning values change minute to minute. Learning to time entries and exits within asset price trends helps skilled traders realize insane profits. Take the USD/EUR currency for example:

  • Buying 100,000 units at 1.05 and selling once the exchange rate rises to 1.10 yields a $5,000 profit!
  • Buying 3 shares of Tesla stock at $200 and selling them at $215 gives you $45.
  • Entering a Bitcoin trade with 0.01 BTC at $23,000 and exiting at $25,000 nets $200 gains.

Returns per trade may start small, but conduct enough smart transactions daily and profits add up quickly!

While learning technical analysis to improve trade timing and execution takes dedication, this high-reward money making method works if done properly. Expect to earn $500+ monthly within your first year trading. Consistency could easily yield 4 figure monthly profits within a few years!

15. Develop Apps or Websites for Companies

Have programming chops in languages like JavaScript, Python or Ruby on Rails that facilitate building apps and websites quickly? Consider freelancing your technical expertise!

Tons of small businesses want slick mobile apps, online stores, landing pages, support tools etc created affordably by independent contractors. Building solutions for these clients can make for big money.

Web developers and programmers easily charge $60-$125+ per hour for typical gigs. Expect projects like designing intuitive websites, ecommerce experiences, payment solutions etc to start around the $3,000+ range.

List your services on marketplaces like Toptal, Gun.io, Upwork or directly via Google to connect with people needing specialty solutions designed and developed.

Thanks to flexible fee setting and practically endless client demand, a few solid bookings deliver fast early earnings. Within one year full-time freelancing, most programmers make $60,000 at minimum. Perfect for covering emergencies and then some!

16. Test New Video Games

Do you love discovering bold new video games before anyone else? Turning your gaming passion into profits happens effortlessly through professional playtesting gigs.

Studios like PlaytestCloud, Userlytics, GameCloud, and more want everyday mobile/console gamers trying unreleased titles. Your feedback identifies issues and provides suggestions to developers for improving certain aspects before launch.

Expect to earn $10 per 20 minutes testing mobile games and up to $50 per hour spent PC/console gaming. Plus incentives like keeping new game copies post-assignment.

By testing games whenever you have some free time, you could reasonably pocket an extra $100 or more each week. Top participants across networks report $500+ in monthly earnings from this dream side hustle alone by staying active! Sign up with multiple providers to maximize your playtest invitations.

Wrap Up – Making Fast Money is Possible

I hope this guide outlined numerous possibilities for obtaining money quickly with minimal effort or investment. Whether you need cash urgently now or want to better prepare for surprise events in the future, using one or more of these 15 methods positions you for success.

The key themes to recognize include:

  • Leverage existing assets for immediate payments when possible
  • Monetize your knowledge, skills and passions
  • Take advantage of incentives meant to attract customers
  • Stay active across money making streams for increased earnings

While no universally perfect option exists given unique needs, combining a few strategic ideas here allows almost anyone to overcome cash crunches or grow rainy day savings on demand. Don’t wait until financial disasters strike to consider alternative income sources!

Hopefully these realistic ways to make money quickly provided some fresh ideas to put into play ASAP. Just remember that consistency and self-control go a long way when directing extra funds responsibly.

Which of these legitimate methods for fast cash do you find most interesting to start with? Are there any other worthwhile quick money tactics not mentioned here? Let me know in the comments!

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FAQ: Responding to Common Questions

Let’s tackle some frequently asked questions when it comes to making money quickly:

What is the fastest Great way to make money in one day?

The quickest option for same-day cash is selling used goods online using apps like Decluttr and OfferUp. These sites put money into your account as soon as items sell to interested buyers. Listing a few used electronics, video games or other premium goods could yield $100+ by day’s end if priced right.

What are some legitimate ways a teenager can make money fast?

Great options for teens include walking dogs, babysitting, getting paid for chores via apps like TaskRabbit and Chowbus, doing yardwork for neighbors, asking for paid tutoring jobs, and trading old items to ecoATM kiosks. These require little experience and offer flexible scheduling.

What can I do to make $100 fast?

Renting your car through Turo for daily use, completing 2-3 rounds of plasma donations, signing up for a few bank/website bonuses, selling used textbooks online, and driving for a few hours with a food delivery app can all feasibly net $100+ quickly. The key is taking action now instead of just hoping funds appear.

What are easy ways to make money the same day?

Delivering food with apps like UberEATS and DoorDash pays out earnings right away, making this one of the best options for same-day money. Listing personal items instantly online via Decluttr, Poshmark and OfferUp also works if you have goods in demand. Surge pricing for ridesharing services like Lyft guarantees quick cash too although availability varies.

I hope these answers help explain some possibilities to obtain fast money tailored to your personal situation and availability. With so many platforms for earning now, same-day cash definitely lies within reach if you’re willing to hustle!

Thanks for reading my article on “15 Legit Ways to Make Money Fast Today If You Really Need Cash“, hope it will help!

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