16 Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2024

Welcome health enthusiasts and affiliate marketing aficionados! Explore the intersection of wellness and wealth with our latest guide, “16 Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2024” Embark on a journey to monetize your passion for a healthier lifestyle while uncovering lucrative opportunities within the dynamic realm of affiliate marketing.

Are you looking to monetize your website or start earning commission as an affiliate marketer in 2024? Promoting health and fitness affiliate programs is a great way to profit from the continuously growing fitness industry.

This article will explore the 16 best fitness affiliate programs that pay high commission rates in 2024. We’ll overview commission structures, affiliate tools, niche products, and more to equip you with everything you need to start promoting the best fitness affiliate programs today. Keep reading to learn which health and wellness affiliate program is right for your audience and how you can leverage affiliate links to maximize your earnings.

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Why Should You Promote Fitness Affiliate Programs?

The fitness industry is ripe with possibility for affiliate marketers. As more people become invested in health and wellness, the demand for fitness products, apparel, equipment, accessories and services continues to rise.

Fitness affiliate programs come with many benefits for the affiliate marketer:

  • High & Recurring Commissions – Many top fitness programs pay outsized commissions, some over 40%. Promoting subscription services can earn recurring payouts.
  • Large Niche Audience – The health and fitness space has an enormous addressable market of enthusiastic consumers looking for products and services.
  • Popular & Trusted Brands – Promoting top brands like Rogue, Therabody, and TRX can boost conversions and commissions.
  • Specialized Products – From fitness tech, equipment, apparel and more – product specialization allows you to precisely target niche audiences.

In short – if you have an audience invested in health, wellness or fitness, affiliate marketing presents a tremendous monetization opportunity.

Next, let’s explore some of the top fitness affiliate networks and programs available in 2024.

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Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs

1. Rogue Fitness – Top Fitness Equipment

First on our list is Rogue Fitness featuring premium fitness equipment for high-intensity training enthusiasts and athletes. The Rogue affiliate program is managed in-house and presents an excellent opportunity in the fitness space with a 10% base commission rate.

Key Rogue Fitness Affiliate Program Features:

  • 10% Commission Rate on all products with 12-day cookie duration
  • Dedicated affiliate manager support
  • Affiliate-optimized marketing assets and creative
  • Commission for international conversions
  • Featured placement on Rogue’s website for proven affiliates

Promoting Rogue Fitness allows you to target hardcore niche audiences like CrossFitters, weightlifters, gym owners and more. Rogue manufactures its own premium fitness equipment and ships products worldwide.

Given the rising costs of gym memberships and equipment, Rogue Fitness offers an appealing affiliate program for website owners, fitness professionals and athletes invested in building out their own home gym.

2. ACE Fitness – Fitness Certification & Training

For online fitness coaching and professionals, the ACE Fitness affiliate program presents an outstanding opportunity to earn commission from their popular certification courses.

ACE Fitness has helped over 350,000 fitness professionals and coaches get certified and find jobs through trusted fitness education and training programs.

ACE Fitness Affiliate Benefits:

  • 30% Commission on digital certification course sales
  • 3-month cookie duration to capture more late conversions
  • Marketing tools and resources for affiliates
  • Year-round promotions to boost earnings

For those with an audience interested in a fitness certification like personal training, group training, health coach and more – promoting Fitness products ACE allows you to profit from their expertise brand authority.

Fitness blogs and niche sites in health, wellness and active living are all great avenues for distributing ACE Fitness affiliate links. Their array of specialized certification courses appeal to various fitness professionals.

3. Daily Burn – Fitness and Wellness Streaming

Daily Burn is one of the most popular on-demand fitness class streaming services boasting over 5000+ workouts available. With a 30-day free trial and flexible membership options, they offer an enticing affiliate program.

Key Daily Burn Affiliate Features:

  • $15 average commission per referral
  • 90-day cookie window
  • Turnkey fitness affiliate program managed in-house
  • Dedicated support for affiliates
  • High member lifetime value

Daily Burn features trainers across disciplines like HIIT, barre, yoga, pilates, strength training, cardio and more to appeal to diverse fitness audiences.

The Daily Burn affiliate program works well with:

  • Fitness bloggers and influencers
  • App and website publishers with health-conscious visitors
  • Online fitness coaches driving leads to training
  • Gym and studio partners

Given the appeal of their on-demand workouts and stellar affiliate incentives, we rank Daily Burn as a top fitness affiliate program in 2024.

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4. Hydrow Rower – Rowing Machine & Fitness Classes

Hydrow is an innovative fitness brand leading the way in connected rowing machines and digital streaming. Their immersive workouts led by world-class athletes have sparked tremendous demand from rowing enthusiasts.

Why Promote Their Affiliate Program?

  • $250 avg commission per sale
  • 30-day cookie window
  • 5-10X industry benchmark commission rate
  • Turnkey affiliate platform and marketing assets

Hydrow solves the “boring” problem associated with rowing machines by integrating beautiful destination-style video content. Their combination of engaging instructors, gamification through virtual global rowing competitions and full-body HIIT-style workouts have attracted a cult-like following.

As connected fitness experiences gain popularity through apps like Peloton, Hydrow is well-positioned to capture further growth.

Their unmatched affiliate value proposition with a potential $250 commission per $2295 rowing machine sale presents affiliate marketers significant earning potential.

5. Theragun – Percussive Massage Therapy

Theragun has earned significant notoriety through their scientifically-calibrated massage devices used by professionals and athletes worldwide. As an innovative leader in the percussive therapy and personal massage device market, they offer an enticing affiliate program to tap into consumer demand.

Theragun Affiliate Features:

  • 10% Commission on qualifying sales
  • 60-day cookie window
  • Dedicated affiliate manager support
  • Marketing collateral and professionally translated assets

Theragun solves nagging problems with muscle soreness, tension and recovery needs that affect recreational gym-goers and athletes alike. Their premium products integrate proprietary wellness technology that enhances traditional self-massage solutions.

As personal wellness, self-care and recovery needs accelerate, the Theragun affiliate program allows publishers to tap into surging interest in percussion massage devices. Their broad appeal spans fitness enthusiasts, CrossFitters, runners, swimmers and average consumers prioritizing health, wellness and vitality.

6. P.volve – Fitness Training Equipment & Classes

P.volve is an emerging connected fitness brand focused on equipment and training for improving posture, reducing back pain and sculpting an efficient physique. Their unique focus on innovative strength training hardware and technique makes P.volve a compelling best affiliate program.

Key Features of Their Affiliate Program:

  • 15% Commission
  • 60-day cookie window
  • Marketing assets and course discounts

With a mission of empowering women to move pain-free and embrace their natural alignment, P.volve targets a distinct audience segment. Their solutions appeal to:

  • New moms getting back in shape postpartum
  • Peri/menopausal women
  • Anyone with back pain desiring non-impact training
  • Beginner and intermediate fitness levels

For publishers already catering to these niche demographics, the P.volve affiliate program presents a great opportunity to monetize your audience through their specialized fitness approach and product lineup.

7. lululemon – Activewear Apparel

lululemon has led the athleisure apparel revolution fusing technical fitness functionality with everyday lifestyle apparel. During turbulent economic conditions, lululemon sales have continued to surge with negligible impacts felt to date.

lululemon Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • 10% Commission
  • Social marketing collateral
  • Steady promo and campaign opportunities
  • Dedicated affiliate manager support

Given lululemon’s appeal as a cult-favorite brand amongst yoga lovers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts – their affiliate program offers a compelling opportunity. Their niche popularity paired with aspirational pricing makes them a strategic affiliate brand.

Bloggers, influencers and partners embedded in fitness communities stand to profit handsomely from distributing lululemon affiliate links. Their universal brand appeal, stimulated by consistent new product launches and evergreen core offerings, makes them a top-ranked activewear affiliate pick for 2024.

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8. Audible.com – Health & Wellness Audiobooks

While less conventional, Audible.com offers a stealthy fitness affiliate program through their audiobook subscription platform. With health, nutrition, wellness and fitness-focused audio content surging in popularity, Audible provides healthy conversion opportunities.

Notable Audible Affiliate Features:

  • $12 average bounty per new member
  • 30-day cookie attribution window
  • Creatives and marketing tools provided

Think less “gym” and more wellness mindset as you evaluate the intersection of the Audible affiliate program and your audience. From nutrition to weight loss, aging, mindfulness and more – the fitness applications span wide.

Yoga instructors, life coaches, nutritionists and allied practitioners invested in holistic wellbeing can leverage Audible’s extensive catalog and free trial funnel to great effect.

With a low $15 monthly fee thereafter and habit-forming audio content, savvy partners will extract sizable value from the Audible affiliate program in 2024.

9. Sweaty Betty – Women’s Activewear

Sweaty Betty sits firmly at the intersection of lifestyle apparel and high-performance workout gear for women. With sleek designs rooted technically for yoga, running, tennis and training – they offer rising brand cache and sales growth worldwide. Their affiliate program provides the ability to tap into surging female activewear spending.

Sweaty Betty Affiliate Perks:

  • 12% Commission
  • 15-day cookie period
  • Curated country-specific creatives

Favored by influencers, yogis and athleisure enthusiasts, Sweaty Betty delivers an elevated fitness apparel experience forged through premium fabrics and body-conscious designs.

Publishers already immersed in women’s apparel, boutique fitness and aspirational lifestyle stand to gain from their niche appeal and solid affiliate incentives. As quality women’s activewear experiences increasing demand globally, add Sweaty Betty to the shortlist.

10. Fabletics – Affordable Activewear

Fabletics stands distinctly at the intersection of affordability and quality with their popular monthly activewear subscription. Leveraging scarcity and gamification, Fabletics has carved out an enormously successful D2C niche.

Why Fabletics Rocks for Affiliates:

  • 30% base commission
  • Up to $54 average order value
  • Mobile-first trends
  • Huge marketable audience

With star-power from celebrity Kate Hudson and affordable pricing strategies, Fabletics offers lifestyle appeal and accessibility for fitness casuals. Their monthly product drops and tiered VIP program offers lead magnet potential.

Look no further for an evergreen activewear affiliate option than Fabletics to profit from the expanding women’s workout apparel and athleisure category. Their affordable price point also appeals to younger fashion-forward audiences.

11. Gymshark – Performance Apparel

Gymshark has taken the industry by storm, forging an enormous Gen Z and millennial audience through influencer marketing and elite brand partnerships. With aggressive expansion plans and steady sales growth, Gymshark offers standout affiliate potential.

Gymshark Affiliate Benefits:

  • 8% Commission rate
  • 15-day cookie period
  • Strong promo and launch opportunities
  • Trendy, performance designs

Bloggers and influencers already embedded in fitness communities can leverage Gymshark’s brand appeal and rotating selection of training apparel for recurring payouts.

For digital publishers focused on next-gen fitness buffs and enthusiasts, Gymshark delivers an on-brand opportunity. As mainstream fitness shifts to hybrid training centered on HIIT, weight training and running – Gymshark stands ready to outfit these audiences with performance gym wear.

12. Women’s Health – Digital Fitness Publication

Women’s Health magazine stands uniquely at the intersection of lifestyle content and service fitness journalism. Covering nutrition, weight loss, strength training, mindfulness and more – their digital publication offers great affiliate potential thanks to engaged readers.

Women’s Health Affiliate Advantages:

  • Initial 25% payout bump
  • 45-day cookie period
  • Recurring promo opportunities

While competitive from a cookie duration and commission standpoint alone, Women’s Health provides additional advantage through steady content and funnel promotions.

Their broad addressable audience focused on holistic female wellbeing offers deep partnership potential for publishers already embedded with health and wellness site traffic.

13. MyProtein – Supplements & Fitness Gear

MyProtein represents one of the largest online fitness nutrition brands. They create high-quality affordable sports supplements and fitness equipment catering to anyone spanning general wellness to bodybuilding. Their vast product range and optimized funnels present a compelling affiliate program to promote.

MyProtein Affiliate Perks:

  • Site-wide 8% baseline commission
  • Cookie duration up to 30 days
  • Year-round deals and promotions to leverage

Given MyProtein’s enormous product selection and discounted pricing models, they convert exceptionally well.

Niche sites in nutrition, bodybuilding, strength training, running, fitness gear, gym equipment and adjacent topics will uncover tremendous value here. Their extensive inventory and aggressive promos present plenty of earning upside.

14. ClassPass – Fitness Studio Subscriptions

ClassPass provides enormous flexibility for consumers seeking boutique gym and studio access through discounted monthly memberships. With 30K global partners, ClassPass grants users studio-hopping privileges at a fraction of regular rates.

ClassPass Affiliate Features:

  • $35 Average Bounty per Sign-Up
  • Additional commissions possible
  • 30-day cookie window

At the intersection of budget-friendliness and high-value, ClassPass offers singles and groups a panoramic fitness experience. Their breadth of gym access and flexible policies appeal to casual and routine gym-goers alike.

For publishers plugged into fitness communities, promoting ClassPass provides recurring revenue potential as subscribers enjoy the savings and convenience provided. Fitness bloggers stand particularly well-positioned to extract value here. start promoting their wide range of fitness products.

15. Aaptiv – Premium Fitness Audio Training

A leader in premium fitness audio content, Aaptiv offers effective at-home training spanning yoga, running, strength, boxing, walking and more. With celebrity trainers and proven guidance for all fitness levels, they serve an underserved market niche.

What Makes Aaptiv a Powerful Affiliate?

  • 30% Commission across plans
  • 90-day cookie window
  • Valuable UK and EU geos

Particularly in smaller living areas where equipment limitations persist, Aaptiv provides turnkey training versatility. For fitness Minimalists and enthusiasts preferring a personal coach over fancy gear, Aaptiv delivers training guidance extending far beyond standard fitness podcast fare.

Yoga bloggers, online personal trainers and running coaches can leverage their vast on-demand class content seamlessly. If your audience trends younger and frequently trains with earbuds in, Aaptiv offers a synergistic affiliation.

16. Sweat App – Women’s Fitness Coaching

Last on our list, Sweat App offers personalized female fitness coaching delivering targeted workout plans, nutrition guidance and lifestyle mentoring. With custom-tailored training, macro tracking, expert chat access and more – they fill an advising void women seek out.

What Makes Their Affiliate Valuable?

  • $97 Average Order Value
  • 30% Commission across all products
  • 45-day cookie window

Sweat App stands uniquely as a top-ranked digital destination for women progressing across health, fitness and nutrition goals. Their holistic approach to female wellbeing through individualized coaching spans training, nutrition, mindset and recovery.

Yoga bloggers, health coaches and specialty fitness sites will appreciate their narrow focus providing true personal training access fully customized to the woman they serve.

Choose the Best Fitness Affiliate Program For You

If you have an audience passionate about health, wellness and fitness – affiliate marketing provides a lucrative path to monetize your platform. As you evaluate programs, ensure the partner aligns strategically with your audience and provides sufficient earnings upside to incentivize ongoing promotion.

The fitness affiliate programs in 2024 highlighted here reveal immense potential for publishers immersed in this vibrant space. Compare commission structures, cookie duration, affiliate perks and brand affinity as you identify the right program.

Prioritize opportunities that incentivize your referral efforts accordingly and don’t lose sight of ancillary areas like wellness and apparel that bear fruit.

By partnering with reputable brands and promoting their products or services, you can earn commissions while helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Hopefully this rundown offers a framework to capitalize on consumer’s perpetual fitness needs through targeted affiliate partnerships guaranteed to move the needle and amplify your earnings.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What are the best fitness niches for affiliate marketing?

A: Some of the best fitness niches include:

  • Fitness equipment (dumbbells, rowing machines, etc.)
  • Apparel & activewear (workout clothes)
  • Supplements (protein powders, pre-workouts)
  • Digital products (fitness programs/memberships, courses)

Q: What types of websites should promote fitness offers?

A: Fitness affiliate offers can work well on:

  • Fitness blogs
  • Review websites
  • Niche authority sites in health/wellness
  • Gear/equipment sites
  • General interest content sites

Q: How much money can you make with fitness affiliate programs?

A: The income potential varies widely but top programs pay $20-50+ average order commissions up to 30%. Exceptional affiliates can earn thousands per month.

Q: What makes the best fitness affiliate programs?

A: The top fitness affiliate programs have:

  • High commission rates
  • Relevant niche products for your audience
  • Good cookie duration to capture late sales
  • Reliable affiliate management and on-time payments

Q: How do you apply for fitness affiliate programs?

A: Most fitness affiliate programs allow instant approval and access through affiliate networks like CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Impact, etc. Some brands have their own in-house affiliate program with direct application.

Q: What mistakes should fitness affiliates avoid?
A: Avoid promoting offers irrelevant to your audience, spamming links with no context, automatically approving on programs without reviewing terms, not tracking sales, and failing to test promos/creatives.

Thanks for reading my article on “16 Best Health and Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2024“, hope it will help!

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