9 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners in 2024

Looking to start earning commissions as an affiliate marketer but overwhelmed with program choices? This comprehensive guide covers the 9 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2024 across today’s top affiliate networks – outlining key features to help you select the right partners for success.

Affiliate marketing can be an extremely lucrative online business model, allowing you to generate passive income by promoting products or services. However, with so many affiliate programs out there, it can be overwhelming for beginners to know where to start.

In this comprehensive guide, we break down the 9 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners that you should consider joining in 2024. These programs offer great commission rates, are easy to use, and provide excellent support – making them ideal for those just starting their affiliate marketing journey.

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9 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners in 2024

What is Affiliate Marketing and How Do Affiliate Programs Work?

Before diving into the top recommendations, let’s quickly go over the basics of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based digital marketing model where you earn commissions by referring customers to a business. As an affiliate marketer (or affiliate partner), you join an affiliate program, then market products with a unique tracking link or promo code. When someone makes a purchase using your link or code, the affiliate program rewards you with an affiliate commission – usually a percentage of the sale amount.

Affiliate programs handle all the backend tracking, customer service, and commission payouts. As an affiliate, your main responsibility is to drive qualified traffic and sales to the merchant’s products through content creation, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and other strategies.

Now that you understand the business model, here is a preview of the 9 best affiliate programs for beginners to join this year.

9 of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners in 2024

1. Amazon Associates

  • World’s largest online retailer with highly recognizable brand
  • Extensive selection of over 12 million products in every category
  • Generous commission rates up to 10%
  • Easy reporting through intuitive affiliate dashboard
  • Additional earning opportunities like Amazon influencer program

2. Shopify Affiliate Program

  • Access to over 1 million online stores powered by Shopify
  • Recurring payouts on subscriptions sold through your links
  • High average order values and conversion rates
  • Marketing tools and support from dedicated affiliate manager

3. ClickBank

  • Popular digital marketplace for info-products like ebooks and courses
  • Over 6 million customers with fast-growing categories like business and health
  • Commissions ranging from 50-75% on every sale
  • Quick approval and instant access to affiliate links

4. Walmart Affiliate Program

  • Household name brand with vast selection of products
  • 4-6% commission rates on eligible purchases
  • Chance to promote best-selling items across Walmart’s retail network
  • Great affiliate partners invited to exclusive events

5. Etsy Affiliate Program

  • Unique handmade and specialty items not found elsewhere
  • Global audience of over 60 million members
  • Commission rate of 2% on purchases over $100
  • Cookie duration up to 60 days for repeat purchase commissions

6. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

  • One of the largest affiliate marketing networks
  • Access to over 3,000 partner programs in many industries
  • Robust affiliate management platform to track performance
  • High earnings potential by scaling across multiple brands

7. WP Engine Affiliate Program

  • 200% commission rate on annual plans sold
  • Chance to tap into lucrative WordPress hosting market
  • World-class affiliate support and marketing assets
  • Monthly payouts with no minimum threshold

8. Fiverr Affiliate Program

  • Popular freelance services marketplace with 60 categories
  • $150 average order value and 50% commission rate
  • Affiliate dashboard to access real-time stats and assets
  • Payments issued every 30 days via Paypal

9. Hubspot Affiliate Program

  • Leader in sales, marketing, service, and CRM software
  • Up to $625 commission per Enterprise customer
  • Access to free CRM and sales tools as an affiliate
  • Dedicated affiliate team provides 1-on-1 guidance

Now that you know the top recommendation for beginners, let’s take a closer look at what makes each of these 9 standout as the best affiliate programs.

1. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program

Without question, Amazon Associates Program is one of the best popular affiliate programs for beginners. As a globally recognizable brand, it offers new affiliate marketers instant credibility and limitless earning potential.

Here is why every beginner should join Amazon’s affiliate program:

Huge Selection of Products

As the largest online retailer, Amazon carries over 12 million products across every category – from popular electronics to kitchen items to books. Regardless of your niche, you can easily find relevant products on Amazon to promote and earn commissions.

Generous Commission Rates

Amazon offers tiered commission rates ranging from 1-10%, based on the category. Digital products like Kindle eBooks and Amazon Prime subscriptions pay 10%, while commissions average 4-8.5% across electronics, home goods, and other segments.

Intuitive Reporting Dashboard

Through your Associates dashboard, you get access to easy-to-understand reports on clicks, orders, returns, and earnings data. This helps inform your affiliate marketing efforts going forward.

Innovative Affiliate Tools

Exclusive features like Amazon Associates Product Links allow you to showcase specific products in blog posts and resource pages instead of just linking to Amazon’s homepage.

For beginners looking for the complete package – the Amazon Affiliate program should be your first choice.

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2. Shopify Affiliate Program

The Shopify Affiliate Program empowers marketers to tap into the fast-growing ecommerce industry.

As of 2022, Shopify powers over 1 million online stores. By joining Shopify’s affiliate program, you can earn payouts when you refer merchants to create their own Shopify-supported store through your special affiliate link.

Here’s a closer look at why Shopify is a top affiliate program:

Recurring Subscription Commissions

The majority of your earnings will come from Shopify’s recurring monthly subscription plans. This creates reliable long-term passive income streams. Shopify’s baseline Starter plan costs $29 per month.

Lucrative Average Order Values

The average lifetime value for a Shopify merchant is over $7,500 thanks to valuable features like secure payment gateways, shipping solutions, and inventory management. This meansShopify offers sizable one-time payouts on top of recurring monthly earnings.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Once approved for Shopify Partners, new affiliates get a dedicated account manager to help create customized marketing campaigns and assets to promote their program. Affiliate managers can unlock higher commission rates and bonuses too.

Built-in Marketing Tools

Through the intuitive Shopify Partners dashboard, you gain access to banners, badges, product links, creatives, and regularly updated content and resources to reinforce your affiliate campaigns.

In summary, Shopify stands out as a top choice for beginners who want to tap into the potential of a platform powering over 1 million ecommerce businesses.

3. ClickBank Affiliate Program

When researching the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners, ClickBank is one of the first networks you’ll come across.

Founded in 1998, ClickBank helps digital marketers and entrepreneurs all over the world generate income. It’s one of the oldest and most reputable affiliate programs with key advantages like:

Huge Selection of Digital Products

ClickBank operates one of the world’s largest digital marketplaces comprised of over 6 million customers globally. Best-selling categories include business & e-marketing, cooking/food/wine, and health & fitness – which new affiliate marketers can easily tap into.

Instant Access to Links & Creatives

One of the best parts of ClickBank for beginners is instant access to affiliate links after a quick and easy sign-up process.. You can easily integrate these links into your website and start earning commissions as new ClickBank members purchase the promoted info-products.

Generous 50-75% Commission Rates

Commissions for successful ClickBank affiliates typically range from 50% to 75% for each product sale they generate. These generous payouts combined with a growing audience of buyers makes it one of the most lucrative “cost per action” affiliate programs today.

In summary, ClickBank makes it fast and simple for first-time affiliate marketers to dive right in. The extensive digital marketplace also creates countless opportunities to target engaged buyers – helping you build positive momentum from the start.

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4. Walmart Affiliate Program

For beginner affiliate marketers interested in promoting physical products over digital ones – Walmart’s Affiliate Program is a brand name you can rely on.

As a household name that sells thousands of best-selling items, Walmart offers the following benefits:

Broad Selection of Products

Choose from over 100 million SKUs ranging from popular categories like electronics, home furnishings, groceries, family essentials, fashion/apparel, toys, and more.

Reputable Trusted Brand

As one of the most established big-box retail chains globally, Walmart enjoys universal brand recognition and loyalty – especially in North America. This makes it easier to promote their products as an affiliate.

4-6% Commission Rates

Walmart pays reliable base commission rates between 4% to 6% on eligible items purchased through your affiliate links. Top performing “Platinum” tier affiliates can earn even higher commission rates.

Invitation-Only Events

Walmart may invite their highest-revenue generating affiliate partners to exclusive in-person networking events to develop stronger relationships with the brand. This perk is not commonly offered through other affiliate programs.

So if you want to earn commissions promoting Walmart’s extensive physical products as a beginner, their reputable and high-converting affiliate program is a great fit.

5. Etsy Affiliate Program

Etsy is a globally-recognized marketplace spotlighting unique and creative products like handmade crafts, vintage items, custom pieces, and rare collectibles.

Their Affiliate Program allows beginners to tap into Etsy’s audience of over 60 million members and earn 2% commissions on purchases over $100.

Here are some key features:

Unique Products

Etsy enables artisans and craftspeople to sell specialty items you won’t find anywhere else – items often have cultural and personal significance attached. This gives you plenty of creative themes to build content around.

High Average Order Values

Thanks to rare, customized, and specialized offerings – average order values exceeding $50 are common through Etsy’s marketplace. This means each transaction driven through your affiliate links can earn you $1 or more.

60-Day Cookie Duration

Etsy wants their affiliates to get credit for the sales they provide, which is why they offer an extended 60-day cookie duration. You earn a commission if a new visitor you referred returns to Etsy and completes check-out up to 60 days later.

Global Audience Reach

Etsy’s 60+ million members are spread across nearly every continent,Translator languages, and income levels. This diversity provides you an opportunity to narrow in on niche buyers – potentially with less competition from other affiliates focusing only on certain regions.

In summary, Etsy delivers a unique value proposition for both shoppers and affiliate marketers alike. It remains one of the best options for showcasing specialized artisan products.

6. CJ Affiliate by Conversant

CJ Affiliate Network by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) is one of the largest and longest-running affiliate marketing networks, founded in 1998. They provide access to over 3,000 leading affiliate programs under one umbrella.

Here’s why new affiliate marketers benefit by joining CJ:

Apply to Multiple Partner Programs

Rather than join various niche affiliate programs one by one, CJ allows you to sign-up and get approved to promote products across thousands of brands at once – all managed in one intuitive platform.

Scalable Earning Opportunities

Once approved by CJ and their brand partners, you can exponentially scale your earnings by promoting diverse products across multiple verticals. Mix physical products, digital downloads, services, subscriptions, and more.

Robust Affiliate Management Platform

CJ’s affiliate interface delivers user-friendly campaign tracking, real-time reporting, custom links, creatives, and granular performance details that beginners rely on. Monitor affiliate sales and trends across all programs.

Attend Live Training Events

CJ frequently hosts complimentary educational webinars, workshops, and networking events to help affiliate marketers refine strategies and make connections. This level of ongoing training support is invaluable.

As one of the longstanding leaders in affiliate marketing, CJ provides everything beginners need – the best programs, platform, and support – to ensure a solid start in the industry.

7. WP Engine Affiliate Program

For beginner affiliate marketers interested specifically in promoting web hosting and WordPress-related services – WP Engine’s high-paying affiliate program is a top contender.

Let’s explore why:

Lucrative 200% Commission Rate

WP Engine offers an industry-leading 200% commission rate, paying affiliates $200 for each successful $99 annual WordPress hosting plan sold through your special links. They also payout commissions monthly with no minimum thresholds.

Strong Cookie Duration

Once you refer a visitor to WP Engine, you can earn commissions from their purchases for up to 120-days thanks to their extended cookie duration. Efforts earlier in the customer’s buying cycle are rewarded.

Turnkey Marketing Assets

To convert referrals into buyers, WP Engine equips affiliates with professionally designed banners, email templates, social posts, and blog content through their affiliate portal.

World-Class Affiliate Support Team

WP Engine backs new affiliates via one-on-one guidance from their in-house affiliate support team. Ask questions and get strategic advice tailored to your website and audience.

With WordPress powering over 40% of sites on the internet today, their high-converting affiliate program is a great option for beginners aiming to ride this growth wave and secure recurring hosting commissions.

8. Fiverr Affiliate Program

Fiverr operates one of the world’s largest online freelance service marketplaces connecting businesses with freelancers offering over 400 digital services across 60+ categories.

It’s also one of the best affiliate programs out there thanks to:

High Commission Rate (50%)

Fiverr affiliates earn an above-average 50% commission on every successful order made through your tracked promo links. Commission rates go even higher for top-tier affiliates.

Strong $150 Average Order Value

The typical Fiverr order value exceeds $150 once extra services, features, and tips are added during check-out. Half of that equates to big potential affiliate payouts.

Payments Every 30 Days

No need to wait 60+ days. Fiverr issues monthly affiliate commission payments reliably like clockwork. Use PayPal to quickly access your earnings.

Affiliate Dashboard

Fiverr’s self-serve affiliate platform displays key stats to better understand your traffic quality and conversions. Identify high-performing campaigns.

For beginner affiliate marketers who want to skip niche sites and directly recommend services across 60+ categories, Fiverr is a versatile choice worth considering.

9. HubSpot Affiliate Program

Last but certainly not least – HubSpot’s performance marketing program empowers affiliates to tap into the lucrative enterprise SaaS space.

Specifically, as a HubSpot affiliate you earn commission promoting their all-in-one software solutions for CRM, marketing, sales, and service.

Here’s a closer look at what makes HubSpot a standout option:

Hands-On Affiliate Support

Once approved, new HubSpot affiliates get matched with a personal account manager who helps craft customized co-branded landing pages, email sequences, and ad campaigns with the right messaging to convert leads.

Lucrative Payouts

You earn up to $625 USD for each successful Enterprise-tier customer you refer. Plus receive smaller commissions on other subscription tiers sold. On average – affiliates generate over $9k yearly.

Access to Free Software

As a resource to better understand their product suite, HubSpot provides affiliates with a free HubSpot CRM account which retails at $50/month. This allows you to leverage the software for your own business while promoting it.

Established Authority

With over 140,000 customers across 120+ countries, HubSpot is recognized globally as a leader in Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations and CRM software. The strong brand lifts perceived credibility.

For aspiring influencer affiliate marketers who want hands-on mentorship while promoting software to businesses, HubSpot should be on your radar.

Key Takeaways – How to Choose the Best Affiliate Program as a Beginner

The affiliate programs covered above are prime examples of great networks to join when just starting out.

They offer fair commission rates compared to industry averages, are trusted established brands in their relative verticals, and provide helpful resources – education, tools, support teams – to set beginners up for success.

Some final tips when evaluating different affiliate programs:

✔️ Look for generous commission rates exceeding 25%+. Recurring subscriptions or higher priced items can offset lower rates.

✔️ Check for a decent cookie duration window of at least 30 days. 60-90 days is best. This allows your effort from one referral to still be credited for any future purchases they make.

✔️ Seek out affiliate programs with built-in marketing assets like banners, promo codes, product links, and branded content. This content will help you advertise the merchant’s offerings to your audience.

✔️ Applications are quick and approval times reasonable. Programs with instant approval and access to affiliate links let you start sooner.

✔️ Intuitive affiliate dashboards make tracking campaign performance easier as a beginner. Detailed analytics inform future efforts for better optimization.

Ready to Get Started? Pick 1-2 Affiliate Programs and Begin Your Journey

Affiliate marketing remains one of the most beginner-friendly, low-cost online business models to start generating revenue.

And the 9 affiliate programs above welcome newcomers with plenty of room to grow, great resources, and sizable earning potential right away in 2024.

Rather than join 5-10 different programs initially and spread yourself too thin, we recommend first narrowing in on just 1 or 2 that fit with your website niche and audience.

Become intimately familiar with all facets promoting that merchant – from leveraging provided creatives to optimizing landing pages to providing stellar customer service for generated leads.

Once you achieve consistent month-over-month traction with your initial 1-2 affiliate programs, then consider scaling up by gradually adding additional income streams.

In summary:

1. Sign-up for 1-2 beginner-friendly affiliate programs from this list

2. Strategically market relevant products to your audience

3. Provide value and helpful recommendations

4. Convert visitors into active purchasers via your trackable affiliate links

5. Earn fair commissions for driving genuine sales

6. Reinvest profits into expanding your affiliate business

It may take 3-6 months to skillfully master steps 1 through 6 above with your inaugural affiliate program partners. But doing so establishes your foundation for long-term passive income growth.

The 9 merchant affiliate programs and networks outlined above welcome beginners to profit from over 20+ years of combined affiliate marketing excellence.

Ready to take the leap? The time is now in 2024!

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Conclusion & Next Steps

In closing, affiliate marketing success doesn’t happen overnight. But by picking proven affiliate programs, dedicating yourself to consistent execution, and providing real value to others – you put yourself on the fast track to earning your first $1,000…then $10,000….and beyond over the coming year.

Here’s a recap of the 9 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2024:

✔️ Amazon Associates
✔️ Shopify Affiliate Program
✔️ ClickBank
✔️ Walmart Affiliate Program

✔️ Etsy Affiliate Program
✔️ CJ Affiliate by Conversant
✔️ WP Engine Affiliate Program

✔️ Fiverr Affiliate Program

✔️ HubSpot Affiliate Program

We encourage you to start researching 2-3 options that align best with your website’s theme, product selection, traffic geography, and target reader interests.

Many of these leading affiliate platforms provide fast sign-up processes, instant access to creatives, and helpful affiliate manager support – so you can begin monetizing sooner.

Think critically about crafting campaigns that provide genuine value to others while promoting ethical products or services you personally appreciate.

By creating win-win partnerships that prioritize meeting audience needs over quick bucks – your influence and affiliate income will compound month after month.

Now we turn it over to you. Which affiliate program(s) are you most interested in joining as part of launching your online business in 2024?

Let us know in the comments any other questions as you move forward on your affiliate marketing journey!

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Q: What is affiliate marketing and how does an affiliate program work?

A: Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing where you earn a commission by referring customers to a business. You join an affiliate program, then promote products using a unique tracking link. When someone makes a purchase through your link, the affiliate program rewards you with an affiliate commission – usually a percentage of the sale amount.

Q: What are some of the best affiliate programs for beginners?

A: Some of the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners recommended in this article are Amazon Associates, Shopify Affiliate Program, ClickBank, Walmart Affiliate Program, Etsy Affiliate Program, CJ Affiliate by Conversant, WP Engine Affiliate Program, Fiverr Affiliate Program, and HubSpot Affiliate Program.

Q: Why are these considered the best affiliate programs?

A: These affiliate programs stand out due to their generous commission rates, reputation as established trusted brands, built-in marketing tools and support teams, and huge selection of relevant products that are easier for beginners to promote successfully.

Q: What commission rates do these affiliate programs offer?

A: Commission rates vary, but popular highlights include Amazon’s rates up to 10%, ClickBank’s 50-75% commissions, Shopify’s recurring payouts, and WP Engine’s industry-leading 200% commission rate. Most are above the average rate.

Q: How much money can I make as a beginner affiliate marketer?

A: As a beginner, you can expect to make $100-$500 per month once you find success with 1-2 affiliate programs after 3-6 months. After a year, income averages $2,000+ monthly. Top performers can earn over $10k+ per month long-term.

Q: What are some tips for success with affiliate marketing?

A: Tips include providing valuable content to engage your audience rather than just ads, being transparent by disclosing affiliate links, tracking your analytics to optimize conversions, starting slow with just 1-2 affiliate partners, and leveraging provided marketing creatives from merchants.

Q: Where should I start as a new affiliate marketer?

A: We suggest first picking only 1-2 reputable affiliate programs to focus on based on your website’s niche and target audience. Become an expert in promoting those specific merchants before scaling up. Master providing value, converting visitors, earning commissions, and expanding efforts.

Thanks for reading my article on “9 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners in 2024“, hope it will help!

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