How to Blog And Make Money 2024: Make Money Blogging Guide

Want to start a money-making blog this year and need some inspiration? In today’s ultimate guide on “How to Blog And Make Money 2024: Make Money Blogging Guide”, I’ll equip you with a proven blueprint to launch a profitable blogging business fast.

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money online in 2024. With over 600 million blogs on the internet, blogging is more popular today than ever before. And for good reason – blogging can be an incredibly lucrative online business if done correctly.

In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to start a blog and make money blogging in 2024.

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How to Blog And Make Money 2024

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Is Blogging Still a Viable Way to Make Money in 2024?

Many people wonder if blogging is still a viable online business in 2024. The short answer is – yes, absolutely!

Blogging is thriving, and by some estimates there are over 600 million blogs on the internet today. What’s more – businesses and organizations of all types and sizes use blogging as a way to reach and engage with their target audiences. This presents ample money making opportunities for bloggers.

Here are a few key reasons why blogging will continue to be a great way to make money online in 2024 and for years to come:

  • Evergreen content – Unlike other types of content, blog posts often remain relevant and provide value for years after being published. This evergreen nature allows blogs to continue generating revenue over long periods.
  • Authority and trust – Long-standing, regularly updated blogs build authority and trust with readers over time. This authority opens doors to various monetization opportunities that are more difficult for new websites.
  • Diversified income streams – There are so many ways to earn money blogging including things like affiliate marketing, advertising, ebooks, online courses, speaking gigs, and consulting opportunities. This diversification helps future-proof blogging income.
  • Global reach and impact – Blogs have a worldwide audience. This global reach and ability to build a tribe of loyal readers from all over the planet is an incredibly powerful asset unique to blogging.

So in summary – yes, blogging remains a fantastic online business opportunity today, and there’s no sign this will change anytime soon. Let’s dive deeper into exactly how to capitalize on this opportunity.

Step 1: How to Start Your Blog in 2024

Starting a blog is the first step to making money blogging. The good news is starting a blog is really simple these days – you can have one up and running in under 30 minutes!

Here are the 6 key steps to start blogging:

Choose Your Blog Platform

There are a few excellent blogging platforms and tools to choose from nowadays. The most popular options are:

  • (self-hosted)
  • Blogger
  • Medium

We recommend starting with WordPress – it powers over 40% of all sites on the internet for good reason. It’s easy to use yet extremely powerful and flexible.

You have two options – the free, or self-hosted where you pay for web hosting. We suggest starting with because it gives you much more control and better monetization options. Most serious bloggers use

Get Reliable Web Hosting

If you go the route, the next step is finding reliable web hosting. Your web host stores all your blog files and data on their servers and makes your site accessible online 24/7.

Some top web hosting providers include SiteGround, Bluehost, HostGator and more. We recommend SiteGround – they offer fast servers, great customer support, and excellent prices.

Register a Domain Name

Your domain name is your unique blog web address that appears in people’s address bar (e.g.

Choose a short, memorable domain name that aligns with your target niche. You can register this when signing up for web hosting – most packages include a free domain.

Install WordPress

Most web hosting services today make installing WordPress super easy with just the click of a button or two. The process takes just a few minutes usually.

Once WordPress is installed, you’ll need to log into your WordPress dashboard to customize your blog and begin publishing content. Think of your WordPress dashboard like mission control – it allows you to manage everything related to your blog.

Choose a Theme

WordPress themes control the overall design and layout of your blog. There are thousands of free and premium themes to choose from in the WordPress theme marketplace.

We recommend checking out popular multipurpose themes like Astra or Genesis to start. Avoid restrictive niche themes – choose a flexible theme that can accommodate different types of blog content.

Configure Your Settings

There are a few key settings you’ll want to configure first like:

  • Site title and tagline
  • Website URL structure (post and page URLs)
  • Date and time format
  • Comments and discussion settings
  • RSS feed settings
  • Membership and user roles if you want multiple users accessing your site

That covers the basics of how to start a blog. Remember – you can start a professional WordPress blog in well under 30 minutes these days.

Now let’s shift gears and talk about strategies to actually make money once you have your blog up.

Step 2: How Much Money Can You Make Blogging?

A common question from many new bloggers is – how much money can I actually make blogging? And frankly, incomes can vary dramatically – from a few hundred to millions of dollars per year for top bloggers.

However, based on industry data, here is a breakdown of typical earning ranges you can reasonably expect:

  • Early stages – $0 to $500 per month (first 6-12 months). It takes time to gain traction and begin monetizing effectively when starting a blog. So very modest earnings early on.
  • Building stage – $500 to $3,000+ per month (years 1-3). Once you have an established audience and consistent content publishing strategy, you can optimize your monetization streams and dramatically increase your income potential month over month.
  • Mature site – $3,000 to $100,000+ per month (3+ years). Profitable blogs can throw off massive cash flow over time. Especially for blogs focused on lucrative topics like finance, business, technology, fashion etc.

So in summary, here is the earning potential path for a typical blog:

  1. Very little income early on
  2. Ramp up to full-time income levels in years 1-3
  3. Scale to multiple full-time incomes long-term

Of course – these numbers assume you follow proven best practices when it comes to monetization and traffic growth covered later in this guide.

With consistent work over time, there is practically no limit to how high you can take your blogging income – 5 figure, 6 figure and even 7 figure+ blogging businesses are possible with the right strategy and execution.

But before getting ahead of ourselves – let’s start from the beginning and go step-by-step…

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Step 3: Choose a Profitable Blog Niche in 2024

The niche you choose dictates almost everything from your content and monetization strategy to the level of competition you’ll face.

So how do you choose a profitable, money-making blog niche in 2024?

Here is a 5-step system for choosing a winning blog niche:

#1 – Find Your Passion Points

Ask yourself:

  • What do I love learning and talking about?
  • What unique skills, knowledge and expertise do I have?
  • What topics get me excited enough to start conversations?

Lean into your innate passions and interests to choose something you’ll truly enjoy writing about for years to come.

#2 – Validate Audience Interest

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest to analyze search volume and demand for related topics.

Look for rising trends and sufficient search volume to indicate people are interested in learning more. The goal is finding the “sweet spot” between passion and profit potential.

#3 – Analyze Competitors

Use Alexa, SEMrush, Ahrefs or SimilarWeb to study sites ranking well for your target keywords. If there is too much established competition ranking for your main topics, it will be an uphill battle to take traffic share.

Look for opportunities where you can become a big fish in a small pond and establish authority quickly.

#4 – Consider Monetization

Some blog niches lend themselves better to certain monetization models. Make sure yours works well for building a sustainable income long-term through various models like affiliate marketing, advertising, training products etc.

Here are some blog niches that work well with different monetization models:
1. Personal Finance: This niche is perfect for affiliate marketing with finance-related products and services, as well as advertising from financial companies. You can also create and sell digital products such as budgeting templates and investment guides.
2. Health and Wellness: Health and wellness blogs can make money through affiliate marketing for supplements, fitness equipment, and healthy food products. They can also sell their own courses and training programs and offer advertising space to health-related companies.
3. Technology: Technology blogs are ideal for affiliate marketing with tech products, as well as advertising from technology companies. They can also create and sell their own digital products such as e-books and online courses on tech-related topics.
4. Lifestyle: Lifestyle blogs can make money through affiliate marketing with fashion, beauty, and home decor products, as well as advertising from lifestyle brands. They can also create and sell their own digital products such as recipe books and DIY guides.
5. Travel: Travel blogs can make money through affiliate marketing with travel gear, booking sites, and travel insurance companies. They can also sell their own travel guides and photography prints, and offer advertising space to travel-related brands.
When choosing a blog niche, consider how it aligns with different monetization models and how you can diversify your income streams for long-term sustainability. This will allow you to adapt to changes in the market and continue making a profit even as trends and consumer preferences shift. 

#5 – Commit Fully!

Finally – the most important step. Commit fully to your chosen niche for at least 18-24 months. Consistency over time is key – don’t bail after just a few months if things move slower than expected.

Choose something you’re excited to immerse yourself in and establish your expertise around long-term.

Get these foundational pillars in place, and your blog will be positioned for maximum growth and earnings potential.

Step 4: Grow Your Blog Traffic Fast

Growing your blog traffic quickly and sustainably is critical for monetization.

Here are proven strategies to drive more visitors and grow your audience as a new blogger:

Create Link-Worthy Content

get your blog noticed by creating content so useful that others naturally want to link to it and share it. Give readers an irresistible reason to click.

Guest Post on Authority Sites

By securing guest posts on authority sites in your niche, you can tap into an existing, qualified audience – with a link back to your site and brand exposure to boot.

Build SEO Authority Over Time

Producing content optimized for SEO and user intent helps you rank higher in search engines for valuable keyword targets. But this is a long game requiring patience and persistence.

Leverage Social Media

Promoting your content on social media and engaging with your niche communities helps drive targeted traffic. Over time by providing value, you’ll build a loyal following.

Start a Youtube Channel

Video content ranks well in search engines today. Creating a blog-focused Youtube channel and cross-promoting video content can unlock a powerful new traffic source.

Email Marketing

Building an email subscriber list gives you a direct line to your most engaged readers. Email converts up to 30x higher than social media traffic. Offer an irresistible lead magnet like a free ebook to rapidly grow your list.

Network and Collaborate

Reaching out and forming collaborations with other bloggers helps tap into new audiences primed for your content and exposes your own readers to new influencers.

Master just a few of these strategies, and you’ll have an ongoing source of blog traffic and new subscribers queued up and ready to monetize further.

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Step 5: Make Money from Your Blog

Believe it or not, you can start monetizing your blog much sooner than you probably imagined. Typically it’s realistic to start building real income streams within your first 3-6 months (for most models).

Some examples of proven ways to monetize a blog over time:

Google AdSense

This pay-per-click advertising program is free to implement and easy money early on. Just paste their ad code on your site and collect checks as your traffic grows over time.

This sounds like a misleading and potentially dishonest description of a pay-per-click advertising program. While it may be free to implement, it’s important to note that success in pay-per-click advertising requires significant effort, strategy, and ongoing management. It’s not as simple as just “pasting ad code” and collecting checks as your traffic grows. It’s crucial to properly disclose the requirements and potential challenges of the program to avoid misleading others. 

Affiliate Marketing

This powerful model allows you to earn commissions promoting other company’s products relevant to your audience. Some affiliates easily earn over $100k+ per year.

By joining our affiliate program, you can take advantage of this earning potential and turn your online presence into a profitable income stream. With access to a wide range of high-quality products and dedicated support, you can maximize your earning potential and achieve financial success as an affiliate marketer. Join our program today and start earning commissions on products that resonate with your audience. 

Sell Your Own Digital Products

As your audience looks to you more and more as an authority, you can package your expertise into premium products to sell like online courses, ebooks, tutorials etc.

This not only allows you to generate additional income but also positions you as an expert in your field. By offering valuable and comprehensive content, you can establish yourself as a go-to resource for your audience and further cement your authority in your niche.
Creating premium products also gives you the opportunity to reach a wider audience and provide them with in-depth knowledge and guidance. This can lead to increased credibility, recognition, and opportunities for collaboration and partnerships.
Additionally, by monetizing your expertise through premium products, you can diversify your income streams and reduce your reliance on any single source of revenue. This can provide stability and financial security as you continue to grow your influence and impact in your industry.
Ultimately, packaging your expertise into premium products is a strategic way to capitalize on your authority and provide tangible value to your audience while also expanding your business and personal brand. 

Physical Products

If your blog topic lends itself well, you can also introduce your own physical products by dropshipping or leveraging print on demand fulfillment options without inventory risk.

This can be a great way to seamlessly integrate your products into your blog content and offer them to your audience. For example, if your blog is about fitness and you have your own line of workout gear, you can easily showcase and sell these products to your readers.

Dropshipping and print on demand services allow you to offer a variety of products without the need to hold inventory or manage shipping logistics. This can be a lucrative way to monetize your blog and provide value to your audience at the same time. Just be sure to choose products that align with your blog’s niche and provide real value to your readers. 

Brand Partnerships

Established blogs can command lucrative ongoing brand partnership deals and sponsorships packages anchored around custom content, influencer promotions, social sharing etc.

These partnerships typically involve the creation of unique, high-quality content that aligns with the brand’s messaging and ethos. This might include sponsored blog posts, social media promotions, product reviews, and more.
In addition to creating custom content, established blogs can also leverage their influence and reach to promote brand events, products, or services to their audience. This might include hosting a giveaway, featuring a brand’s products in a lifestyle post, or participating in a sponsored event.
Some brands may also opt to sponsor ongoing partnerships with bloggers, providing them with a consistent stream of income in exchange for regular promotion and collaboration. This can be a win-win for both parties, as the brand benefits from ongoing exposure and the blogger receives financial compensation for their work.
Overall, established blogs can offer brands a valuable platform for reaching their target audience and building brand awareness. With the right partnership and sponsorship packages in place, both the brand and the blogger can benefit from a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Paid Advertising

You can rent out ad space on your blog using your own ad management platform or networks like Mediavine, Ezoic and more with earnings pegged to traffic.

Some steps to rent out ad space on your blog using these platforms or networks include:
1. Choose the right ad management platform or network based on your blog’s traffic and content. For example, Mediavine requires a minimum of 25,000 sessions per month, while Ezoic is open to a wider range of traffic levels.
2. Sign up and create an account with the chosen platform or network. This may involve providing details about your blog, traffic statistics, and other relevant information.
3. Once your account is approved, you can integrate the ad management platform’s code into your blog’s HTML. This will allow the platform to display ads on your blog.
4. Set up the ad placements and preferences according to your blog’s layout and design. You may have options to customize ad formats, sizes, and placements to best fit your blog’s aesthetic and user experience.
5. Monitor the performance of the ads and track earnings through the ad management platform’s dashboard. You may also have access to reporting and analytics to understand how the ads are performing and how they are contributing to your overall blog revenue.
6. Earnings from renting out ad space will typically be based on metrics such as traffic, impressions, and clicks. Some platforms may offer a flat fee for ad placements, while others may offer revenue share based on ad performance.
Overall, renting out ad space on your blog through ad management platforms or networks can be a lucrative way to monetize your blog and generate passive income based on your blog’s traffic and audience engagement. 

Consulting & Freelancing Services

Some bloggers leverage their expertise and audience into lucrative consulting gigs for brands for $5,000+ per month.

These bloggers are able to command such high fees because they have built a strong reputation and a large, engaged audience. Brands are willing to pay top dollar for their insights and advice because they know that the blogger’s recommendations will reach a wide and receptive audience.
In addition to consulting, these bloggers may also offer sponsored content, social media promotion, and speaking engagements to further monetize their platform. As influencers in their niche, they have the ability to sway consumer opinions and drive sales for the brands they work with.
Overall, leveraging their expertise and audience in this way allows these bloggers to create a sustainable and highly profitable business model outside of traditional advertising revenue. It also allows them to have a more direct impact on the success of the brands they work with. 

As you can see – there are endless options to monetize your influence over time and turn your platform and audience into consistently growing income streams. 

Making Money Blogging – Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to start a blog?

Starting a self-hosted WordPress blog costs just $3-10 per month for reliable web hosting. The exact cost depends factors like hosting features and length of billing cycle. Many web hosts offer discounts if you pay annually vs monthly.

How long does it take to start making money from blogging?

It typically takes 3-6 months to start building your first income streams like Google Adsense, affiliate offers etc. But revenue is modest at first. To build up towards full time income potential often takes 1-3 years depending on factors like your niche competitiveness, content publishing frequency etc.

Is blogging dead?

No! Blogging is certainly not dead in 2024, and won’t be for many years to come. There are 600+ million blogs on the internet today – more than ever before in fact. And blogging remains one of the most powerful ways to build an audience and make money online.

Do bloggers make good money?

Yes, many bloggers make incredibly good money! Once established, it’s very common for full-time bloggers to make $5,000 to $25,000+ per month from their blogs. Some even reach 6 or 7 figure incomes over time by expanding into other monetization channels like online courses, physical products, and more.

How much traffic do you need to make money blogging?

It varies substantially based on which monetization models you use. With affiliate marketing for example, you may only need 1-2k monthly visitors to reach your first $1,000+ months. With Google Adsense on the other hand, you’ll likely need 25-50k+ visitors before seeing significant earnings.

What blog niche makes the most money?

Some of the most profitable niches year after year include investing, personal finance, digital marketing, business, self-improvement, and various monetizable hobby niches like gardening, woodworking etc. But almost any niche can be quite lucrative with the right mix of traffic and monetization strategy tuned to your audience interests.

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Start Making Money Blogging in 2024!

As you can see – blogging remains an incredible business model in 2024 with almost unlimited income potential over both the short and long-term.

It simply comes down to:

  1. Choosing the right niche
  2. Growing your audience consistently
  3. Monetizing intelligently

Check those foundational boxes and the sky’s the limit. We hope this guide gave you clarity and a blueprint for exactly how to start a successful money-making blog this year.

The time is now. Pick your niche and commit fully – you’ve got this! We can’t wait to see the audience and income you’re able to build leveraging your passion and expertise online.

Thanks for reading my article on “How to Blog And Make Money 2024: Make Money Blogging Guide“, hope it will help!

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