How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money: A Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to my post about: How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money: A Beginner’s Guide to Earning Online Without Initial Investment.

Want to start earning real money online today, even without an ounce of experience or dollar to your name? If so, you’re in the right place. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for aspiring marketers to start promoting products online and finally see results without needing much investment upfront. Essentially, it just means you refer visitors to purchase from other established companies, and then you get paid. Simple, right? 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that it takes money to make money. However, while that might be true for buying a new car or house, when it comes to affiliate marketing the same rules don’t always apply. With the right knowledge, a bit of planning, and some elbow grease, nearly anyone can get started with affiliate marketing strategy with no money and begin to make money online through a variety of free strategies.

In this guide, I’ll reveal the insider secrets I’ve learned over time about starting from scratch and growing an affiliate marketing business with no money invested upfront. We’ll cover which successful affiliate marketing programs you should join, tips to start sending free traffic to your site in days, and everything else you need to decide if affiliate marketing work with no funds is really possible for you!

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How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

How to Start Affiliate Marketing With No Money in 2024

Find Reputable Affiliate Programs

Alright, so you’ve made the momentous decision to dive into the wondrous world of affiliate marketing to start earning money online. First things first – it’s time to find some rockin’ affiliate programs to join!

I know this part can feel overwhelming for a bright-eyed newbie affiliate marketer. With so many affiliate business networks and programs out there making flashy income claims, how do you even know where to start your affiliate marketing journey? Well, take a chill pill and listen up. I’ve put together a handy guide to steer any beginner in the right direction.

First, you’ll want to join an affiliate program or a few top affiliate networks like ShareASale, ClickBank, and Rakuten Marketing. These networks feature bazillions (okay, maybe not that much) of different partner affiliate marketing programs across every niche imaginable – from lavender essential oils to gorilla glue. They’ll allow any ol’ affiliate to easily browse offers and apply to partner with the ones targeting their interests. Another way to find affiliate products to promote is by searching Google.

For example, as a tea drinking yoga enthusiast myself, I might search for “yoga” products and discover the popular printing company Teespring offers a great affiliate program selling quirky yoga tee shirts. Cha-ching!$ Another perk is that bigger networks take care of boring payment processing and sales tracking across any high-paying affiliate programs you join through their platform. and start Promote affiliate products from different merchants. Two thumbs up!

Next, set up a free account directly with a couple big retailer affiliate programs like Amazon Associates or Etsy. Even mega-brands want affiliates to help spread the word in exchange for commission kickbacks. For example, if someone clicks your unique Amazon affiliate link showing off that air fryer you love and then buys ANYTHING on Amazon later – ka-boom, cash back for you! Can’t complain about easy money back from brands people buy from every day anyway.

Finally, keep your eye out for special affiliate opportunities in your niche you’re genuinely excited about. Love cooking? Maybe sign up to promote a hot new digital cookbook and cash in on your foodie passion. The key is pairing exciting affiliate offers with topics you already know and care about. That passion will shine through and be more likely to convert visitors. Cha-ching!

Set Up Tracking Links & Affiliate Account

Alright, time for the nitty gritty my affiliate amigos! Now that you’ve locked down some sweet affiliate programs to promote, it’s time to set up your behind-the-scenes affiliate tracking links and account dashboards. I know this part sounds boring, but it’s crucial! 

Each affiliate program will provide you a unique affiliate link, which attaches a tracking cookie to identify you as the amazing referrer when leads visit and (hopefully!) purchase. This allows the affiliate network to credit YOU specifically with the commission for that sale amongst the bazillions of affiliates working with them. Cha-ching!

For example, as an Amazon Associate, part of my affiliate link might look like “”. Without my special affiliate ID tag, Amazon wouldn’t know to send me hunks of cheddar when I refer someone who buys the latest gadgets.

Once you’ve copied your spiffy new affiliate links, log into your respective affiliate program dashboards. Here, you’ll be able to monitor all your precious referral traffic and most importantly – keep an eagle eye on any sales commissions winging their way to your bank account. Once configured properly, the whole process becomes fairly automatic. Now that’s what I call easy cheese! 🧀🤑 

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I’d also highly recommend setting up a simple one page website (I like Wix) focused on a specific niche, and adding your various affiliate links throughout the content. This looks much more legit and builds trust with visitors compared to randomly throwing raw affiliate links up on social media. Over time, channel visitors back to your site and its related affiliate links! 

Then finally – the most critical step – pat yourself on the back for setting up the required behind-the-scenes affiliate tracking elements like a boss! Now on to the fun part – driving oodles of visitors to all those carefully configured links! 😎

Content Marketing Through Blogging & YouTube

Woo hoo, now for the juicy stuff! We’re officially ready to dive into driving hordes of visitors to those perfectly primed affiliate links using some simple content marketing strategies… *drum roll please* blogging and YouTube videos! I can almost smell the commissions already. 💰

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock (which I don’t judge – great WiFi connection down there!), you’ll know that tons of average Joes and Janes are building up massive audiences sharing their passion online around hobbies, interests, or problems they solve for people. Creating high-quality content is key to the success of your affiliate marketing efforts.

And get this – you can easily combine content creation with affiliate marketing simply by reviewing or demonstrating helpful products related to what you already enjoy yapping about! It’s a match made in heaven. 😇 

For example, if you start a basic WordPress blog covering trendy fitness tips (how to avoid restrictive fad diets, stay motivated with workout buddies, make protein shakes that don’t taste like sawdust, etc), you could naturally incorporate affiliate links to useful products you discover like adjustable weights, fitness trackers, or yummy all-natural protein powders. Cha-ching! 💸

Same goes for YouTube – if DIY woodworking is your jam, create videos reviewing the best hammers, saws, sanders and wood stains (all through affiliate links of course) that save hobbyist carpenters headaches and money on their projects. Then sit back and watch both your target audience and sweet commissions pile up!

On YouTube, we can build an audience while we’re making affiliate offers, but Instagram is more like Facebook because you’re going to build an audience first.

The key is to focus on providing quality, solutions-oriented content that also seamlessly integrates affiliate recommendations for relevant tools or resources. Don’t overly push people straight into salesy promotional content right away. Nurture that trust and community first!

Soon enough, legions of engaged subscribers in your niche will gladly click your well-placed affiliate links for products you suggest thanks to the value you consistently provide. Now that’s the positive snowball effect in action baby! 😎 ❄️

Content Marketing Through Blogging & YouTube

Speaking of growing your shiny new affiliate marketing empire through content, one other big brain strategy is collaborating with influencers who’ve already cultivated an audience in your niche. 

For example, if you’re just starting that fitness blog focused on easy home workout routines for busy moms, why not guest post on bigger blogs or invite a popular YouTube yoga instructor to share her favorite at-home poses? Most influencers are happy to partner with up-and-comers through content collaborations or shoutouts. 

Pro Tip: When reaching out to bigger bloggers or YouTubers, make sure you’ve done your homework ahead of time. Study their channel and craft a personalized pitch explaining exactly why their community would dig your particular guest post or video ideas related to affiliate products they’d genuinely benefit from. No one wants lazy spam inquiries – so do your research!

Over time, this strategy can help you tap into whole new waves of engaged visitors who actually WANT to hear your awesome affiliate recommendations because it comes from someone they already know and trust. Pretty soon, you’ll have thousands of curious visitors lined up to boost your commissions! � cha-ching!💰💃

So don’t be afraid to strategically leverage influencers relevant to your niche as you build up your own digital community around affiliate marketing. Forming the right connections can work wonders! For even more leverage, you could also invite top affiliates in your field to collaborate as well. But one partnership at a time, eager beaver! 😜

Leverage Social Media Platforms

Now I don’t have to tell you social media is pretty much a digital war zone, with influencers battling for attention left and right while dancing on TikTok. But! With the right strategy, you can totally leverage all the magical free traffic from platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to line your affiliate marketing pockets, my friend! 💰

Picture this – you developed an Pinterest affiliate marketing account sharing gorgeous images of wooden watches and beaded bracelets for the hipster fellas and fabulous ladies to accessorize in style. In your pinned product descriptions, you seamlessly link back to your stylish affiliate-powered eCommerce accessories store with discounted deals just for your followers! Cha-ching! 🤑

Or what if you created an Instagram account reviewing the latest innovative kitchen gadgets that make easy homemade family meal prep a breeze on busy weeknights (I see you, frazzled parents! 👀). Then in your weekly Instagram Stories, you invite followers to swipe up and explore all your favorite time-and-money-saving cooking tools boosted by your affiliate links! 

The key is to pepper your social content with affiliate links the same way an influencer would promote sponsored products they love. Except you can do it 100% free while still cashing in on commissions! Boom 💥 

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Pro Tip: Join Facebook Groups related to your niche where people actively ask for recommendations just like the ones you want to promote your affiliate links for (e.g cooking appliances, wood working tools). Provide tons of value answering member questions first before tactfully dropping helpful product suggestions. They’ll be much more likely to click and buy if you’ve already proven your worth! 💯 

Leverage communities relevant to your affiliate niche who deeply care about your recommendations before blasting pure sales pitches. Building trust = building your bank account! Who woulda thought being helpful could be so dang lucrative, eh? 😉💰

Utilize Classifieds and Listings Sites

Now this next trick might seem straight out of the stone age for you young affiliate whippersnappers, but I assure you – classics like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace can still yield sweet affiliate fruit (and by fruit, I mean cold hard cash money 💰)!

Imagine slapping up a Craigslist ad in the “creative gigs” section offering your free eBook “How to Start a Podcast Below $100 Budget”. For all aspiring podcasters on a boot strap budget, you guarantee actionable tips for affordable equipment, editing tools, hosting plans, and more so they can start sharing their booming voice with the world, no fancy technology required! Remember, you don’t need to spend much money to start building an affiliate marketing business.

Within your helpful eBook, you’d organically sprinkle relevant affiliate links to products discussed, like starter microphones, editing software, web hosting plans, etc. When Craigslisters download your free content and get value from your recommendations, cha-ching affiliate sales start rolling in! 🎧💸

Similarly, you can create posts in Facebook Marketplace or groups not actively promoting affiliates, but by subtly referencing helpful products related to your niche with a link to your site for details. For example, perhaps you post in a Local Gardening Facebook Group praising your new pressure spray attachment (affiliate link!) for easily blasting aphids off roses. Cha-ching! 🌹 💦 

When community members ask for specifics later, you seamlessly provide that beloved affiliate link to helpful gardening tools you organically endorsed in your post. Now that’s what I call smooth sneaky affiliate marketing! 

The key is leading with value-first content not overly salesy affiliate links. Craigslisters and Facebookers will feel cornered if you directly blast promotional links upfront without establishing trust in groups or Marketplace first. Ease in recommendations once they see you’re a helpful community member! 🤝

Build an Email List

Last but certainly not least – it’s time to embrace the ancient dark art of…*cue dramatic music* email marketing for affiliate promos!  Email marketing is an incredible way to start affiliate marketing with no money!

Now I know I know, emails are still hanging around like that stale fruit cake from last Christmas. But used right, they can become a successful affiliate marketer ’s BFF for consistently driving commission sales from raving fans! 😍📧💰

Here’s the DL (that’s down low for you old peeps) – with affiliate marketing, the name of the game is perpetual traffic and sales. An email list guarantees you can repeatedly promote new hot affiliate products even years in the future to visitors who already love and trust you! It’s like installing a cash faucet that pays you while you sleep. 💤 💵

For example if you have an Instagram account showcasing monthly book recommendations for empowering stories related to women’s leadership and business, offer followers who join your email VIP newsletter exclusive access to extended author interviews – where they explore inspiring concepts plus affiliate links to authors’ books, seminars or courses! 📚🤑 

See how providing high-value incentives gets people literally ASKING to join your affiliate marketing email list? Then over time they gladly await and engage with your occasional promotional emails because they consistently get free perks no one else does first!

Just be careful about avoiding spammy email habits that could earn you the stink eye from subscribers or worse – reported for abuse! Keep emails funny, valuable and spaced out. 😅✉️

The key is reciprocity – give give give through content first, then ask for the sale second down the road after you’ve earned permission. This balance keeps subscribers engaged for the long haul as you continually monetize through carefully placed affiliate recommendations! 🤝 💰


Whew, we covered a heck of a lot of ground, didn’t we folks? From picking righteous affiliate programs and crafting marketing content, to leveraging communities and building that assets of all assets – the beloved subscriber email list. You might say we extensively explored the modern affiliate marketing terrain far and wide to uncover every nook and cranny for earning that cheddar. 🧀 

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If your bouncing brain is still spinning out with brilliant ideas after this affiliate info download, I’ve got great news my friend! The awesome thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s a digital monster with unlimited potential for enterprising marketers like you to continually test creative money-making concepts. 💡💰

In fact, the more you experiment with niche content that resonates and affiliate models that delight people, the more your audience, traffic and yes, those glorious affiliate commissions will compound over time! It’s like a cash snowball effect once you nail the formula of value-added content + strategically placed recommendations. ❄️ 💰 

Sure, just starting out affiliate marketing without prior experience or funding can feel scary. But I’m living proof that with the right helpful attitude and drive to provide value first through content people love, nearly any scrappy newcomer can painlessly propel their own affiliate success story! 😎

The only question that remains is – are you ready to rise up, leverage everything we covered today and finally begin your epic quest for affiliate marketing profits, brave warrior? Will you answer the call and make it your mission to start slaying those commissions using the trusty tactics we reviewed today?! 

If so, what are ya waiting for? Go forth with bravery in your heart and dive in without delay, noble knight of affiliate fortunes yet to be unlocked! A world of income possibilities await your online discoveries. Godspeed and happy marketing! 🚀😎


Before you saddle up and ride off into the affiliate sunset, let’s lasso a few of those burning FAQs shall we partner? 🤠🔥

Q: Do I need fancy equipment or mad tech skills to start an affiliate marketing business? 

A: Heck no, pilgrim! All you need is passion for a niche, drive to help people, and enough tech literacy not to throw the computer out the window! Most affiliate tools today are designed for average Joes and Janes anyway. No PhD required! 💻

Q: How fast can I realistically start earning affiliate income online? 

A: Truth is, it depends on how quickly you hustle! With consistent effort driving referral traffic and optimizing campaigns, many affiliate marketers see their first earnings within a month or two. Set milestones to stay on target, but it won’t happen overnight. This ain’t no online lottery ticket! 🎰 

Q: What if I pick an affiliate product but can’t get any bites after weeks of promoting it?

A: No sweat, partner! Not every affiliate will be a home run on the first swing. Keep testing new products in your niche until you nail down consistent commission-earners site visitors love. Track data on conversions to see what works. Market research is key! 📈 

Q: Can I really scale an affiliate biz to full-time income levels? 

A: You bet your boots you can! Many solo affiliate marketers today make anywhere from 4-6 figures in passive income per year! Compounding traffic to your affiliate links means huge growth potential over time. Imagine what’s possible long term by providing consistent value today. 🤯💰

Still have more questions rattlin’ around in that head of yours like a bucking bronco? Don’t hesitate to lasso me anytime by signing up for my Affiliate Roundup email newsletter using the form below! Happy trails! 🐴

Thanks for reading my article on “How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money: A Beginner’s Guide to Earning Online Without Initial Investment.“, hope it will help!

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