Make Money on YouTube with AI – Using AI to Build a YT Channel

Welcome to “Using AI to Build a Successful YouTube Channel and Make Money”! In this actionable guide, discover how to leverage AI tools to easily create optimized video content that earns serious income from YouTube without ever showing your face.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming how people create content online. With advanced AI tools and platforms now available, you can use AI to make money on YouTube without showing your face.

AI automation enables you to quickly and easily produce high-quality videos at scale. This lets you rapidly grow a successful YouTube channel with great content that attracts viewers. AI also helps optimize your videos and channel for maximum visibility and engagement.

In this post, we’ll explore proven tactics for how to use AI to make money on YouTube. You’ll discover the immense power of AI video generation and automation to build a popular faceless YouTube channel.

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Make Money on YouTube with AI - Using AI to Build a YT Channel

How Can You Use AI to Make Money on YouTube?

There are several key ways artificial intelligence empowers you to monetize YouTube, including:

  • AI Video Creation – Use AI video generators like Vidnami to effortlessly produce awesome videos at scale, faster than ever before. This saves huge amounts of time while letting you churn out lots of great content.
  • Voice Cloning – Clone your voice or use AI text-to-speech services to easily add voiceovers to videos. This allows you to create faceless videos without revealing your real voice.
  • Video Optimization – Leverage AI tools to optimize video titles, descriptions and tags for higher rankings and views. This helps more people discover your content.
  • Smart Writing Assistance – Use AI writing assistants like Jasper or to craft compelling video scripts, titles and descriptions. This further boosts viewership and engagement.
  • Automated Workflows – Set up AI systems to fully automate video creation from start to finish. This frees up huge amounts of your time for higher-level channel strategy.

The key is combining these AI capabilities to establish completely automated, hands-free video production. This lets you massively scale up your output of high-quality, engaging video content that attracts hordes of viewers.

Top 7 Ways to Make Money from a Faceless YouTube Channel

Building a successful YouTube channel takes significant time and effort. But AI tools streamline this process while opening up new monetization opportunities.

Here are 7 proven business models for earning serious money from a faceless YouTube channel powered by artificial intelligence:

1. YouTube Ad Revenue

YouTube shares advertising income with creators whose videos attract decent viewership. By using AI to optimize your content for higher engagement and views, you can start earning money from ads that run against your videos.

It’s important to note that your channel must be accepted into the YouTube Partner Program before you can monetize videos with ads. There are also strict criteria around audience size, watch time, etc. But AI gives you an advantage here as well.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Promote products or services within your videos via affiliate links in the video descriptions. You earn attractive commissions when viewers click through and buy. AI makes it easy to embed affiliate links while also enhancing video persuasiveness.

3. Selling Branded Merchandise

Design and sell custom branded apparel, accessories, stationary, homewares and other merch featuring your channel logo and brand identity. Many YouTubers make substantial profits from branded physical goods.

4. Crowdfunding / Patreon

Secure recurring monthly funding from your loyal audience members through platforms like Patreon. Fans pay membership fees to get special perks like bonus content, exclusive updates, discounts, etc. This creates a predictable passive income stream.

5. Live Super Chats

YouTube Live lets viewers pay small amounts to highlight chat comments during live streams. Super Chats are very popular and quickly add up. Even with AI supporting automated video creation, go live occasionally to engage fans.

6. Sponsorships

Partner with relevant brands that pay YouTube channels big bucks to promote and review products/services on videos. Large sponsor deals can be extremely lucrative for channels with sizable, targeted audiences.

7. Digital Products

Sell online courses, video tutorials, ebooks, photography, music, graphics packs, software tools, mobile apps and other digital products you create. These info products can generate immense value from all the knowledge you’re sharing.

As you can see, AI makes it possible to profit from YouTube in many ways with an automated channel, not just ads.

Use AI to Make Building a YouTube Channel Easy

Creating consistent, high-quality video content is extremely demanding. Without AI, it’s virtually impossible for one person to handle all aspects of operating a successful YouTube channel alone.

Tasks like ideating video topics, writing scripts, shooting footage, editing, motion graphics, animation, voiceovers etc. take vast amounts of time and skill. This makes it challenging to produce enough content to satisfy the YouTube algorithm gods.

But now, artificial intelligence eliminates these pain points!

AI algorithms empower you to easily brainstorm hundreds of amazing new video ideas and titles that are proven to get clicks.

AI writing assistants then help you craft scripts, descriptions and subtitles optimized for both search and viewers.

You can license video clips and images from extensive AI-generated stock media libraries.

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Text-to-speech and voice cloning let you add high-quality voice narration to videos without being on camera yourself.

State-of-the-art AI editing platforms make it super simple to assemble professional-grade videos with effects, transitions, text overlays, animations, etc.

And automated AI workflows ultimately remove the need to spend any time actively producing new videos once your system is set up.

This gives you an unfair advantage for growing a wildly popular YouTube channel from scratch in record time!

Recommended AI Tools for Building a Successful YouTube Channel

Here are some amazing AI tools and platforms for easily creating awesome videos and optimizing your YouTube channel:


Vidnami is an AI-powered video editor that makes easy animated explainer, promotional, how-to and other videos from just a script. It handles graphics, motion, effects, text, transitions, voiceovers, music and more for high conversion videos.

Jasper is a creative AI writing assistant that generates compelling long-form scripts optimized specifically for YouTube. Give it a few topic ideas and titles to instantly get back professionally written video scripts to turn into amazing content. helps you create highly persuasive copy for video titles, descriptions and calls to action using advanced AI. This drives more clicks and conversions for your YouTube channel.


Rytr is an AI writing tool great for crafting optimized video subtitles, descriptions, affiliate content and other channel text. It ensures all your copy is engaging while packed with relevant keywords.


Uberlyfts provides affordable, high-quality AI-generated voiceovers. It clones your voice or uses natural sounding text-to-speech to add voice narration to animated and live action videos.


Animaker makes it stupidly simple for anyone to produce professional animated marketing, explainer and educational videos. Great for easily growing your library of evergreen content.


InVideo’s AI removes the creative barriers to video creation. It lets you make stunning branded videos from templates without any technical skills. Good for subtitles, intros/outros, social posts.

As you can see, all aspects of building a successful YouTube channel now leverage artificial intelligence to make your life easier.

Keys for Using AI to Make Money on YouTube

Here are some best practices for harnessing AI to profit from YouTube:

  • Use multiple AI tools like chatgpt and other tools together to automate as much video creation tasks as possible
  • Experiment with different video styles and topics to see what your audience most engages with
  • Study competitor channels stealing their best video ideas to model and outdo
  • Optimize your channel and each video’s metadata for maximum visibility
  • Use AI chatbots to engage with viewers and collect video topic suggestions
  • Prominently display affiliate links to recommended products in your descriptions
  • Run regular YouTube Live sessions and promote your Patreon to boost revenue
  • Reinvest earnings into better AI tools/services to compound growth

The more you can systematize video production with artificial intelligence, the faster you can grow your YouTube channel and income.

Conclusion – Let AI Do the Hard Work Growing Your Channel

If you dream of earning a full-time living from YouTube, AI is absolutely revolutionary.

It enables ordinary people to build hugely successful channels with almost no effort.

AI handles the heavy lifting related to optimizing video ideas, writing amazing scripts, creating professional edits and graphics, voiceovers, promotion etc.

This leaves you to focus only on high-level strategy as well as monetizing the tidal wave of free traffic AI drives to your channel.

So if you’re a budding YouTuber or entrepreneur, leverage artificial intelligence to work smarter, not harder!

AI will create an unstoppable competitive advantage allowing you to dominate any niche and bank serious profits in record time.

The money-making potential of an AI-powered YouTube business is truly limitless thanks to endless free access to the world’s second largest search engine.

But you need to take action now before your competitors do!

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Q: How can AI help me create videos for YouTube?

A: AI tools like Vidnami, Animaker, and InVideo make it easy to produce high-quality, professional videos using things like animations, graphics, text overlays, voiceovers, and more without needing fancy equipment or technical skills. These AI video generators save you huge amounts of time while automating much of the video creation process.

Q: What’s the best way to make money with ai on YouTube?

A: Combine multiple AI capabilities like smart writing assistants, voice cloning, and automated workflows to establish completely hands-free video production at scale. This content creation automation allows you to churn out lots of optimized videos faster than ever before. More great content drives more views, subscribers and opportunities to monetize through ads, affiliates, merch, memberships and more.

Q: How much money can I make with an AI-powered YouTube channel?

A: Earnings potential is huge on YouTube. As your channel grows in subscribers and views, income from ads, affiliates, sponsors and other monetization models can snowball. Top creators easily earn 6-7 figures annually. With AI’s help, you can realistically expect to earn a significant full-time income from YouTube.

Q: Can AI help me get more views and subscribers?

A: Definitely! AI tools help craft clickable titles, descriptions and tags that rank higher in YouTube and Google search results. This means more people will find and view your videos organically. AI also optimizes content quality for better audience retention and shares. More views and subscribers enable faster channel growth.

Q: What type of video content should I create?

A: Use AI keyword research capabilities to determine topics and styles of videos with high search volume and advertiser demand. create high-quality lots of evergreen, useful “how-to” tutorials, product reviews, listicles, comparisons and other videos people want. Experiment across niches to see what your audience best responds to via metrics like comments, watch time, etc. Then double down on those winning themes and formats.

Q: Is it possible to automate all of video production?

A: Yes! With the right mix of AI tools, it’s possible to fully automate every aspect of video creation, optimization and distribution. You can setup intelligent systems to automatically handle ideation, script writing, graphics creation, editing, voiceovers, promotion and more with no manual effort. This is the ultimate hands-free business model!

Thanks for reading my article on “Make Money on YouTube with AI – Using AI to Build a YT Channel“, hope it will help!

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